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Make your life easier.

Lanning Financial Inc. specializes in helping the San Francisco Bay Area’s professionals plan for retirement, their kids’ college educations, their next start-up business idea, taking care of their relatives, taking that long-awaited sabbatical, managing retirement, or all of the above.


Your Personal CFO, Jessica

Jessica has the JD and CFP® designation to serve her clients. But that’s not why clients hire her. 

Jessica provides financial education and leadership to her clients and their families with a down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is approach. Her advice is practical and achievable and delivered with thoughtfulness and laughter. She works to help make her clients’ lives easier.

She believes that you start where you are, do the best with what you’ve got, make mid-flight corrections often to stay on course, and use the money you have to live a life that brings joy and meaning to you. 


Our Expertise

Financial Planning

Expert guidance to optimize your financial well-being
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Investment Planning

Customized investment plans for your needs
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Retirement Planning

Personalized retirement solutions for a secure future
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Down to Earth

Approachable financial guidance with a down-to-earth approach, making complex financial concepts easy to understand.


Practical financial advice tailored to your unique situation, providing actionable steps for immediate impact and long-term success.


Achieve your financial goals with realistic strategies and a step-by-step roadmap.


Helpful guidance and personalized support throughout your financial journey, providing clarity, confidence, and financial peace.

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