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401(k) plans are getting a lot attention in the press lately, largely due to new rules coming out that require plans to disclose fees and pro rate them among plan participants.  This is a move by the government to bring more transparency to the 401(k) process, and in particular to the fees being charged by whom and for what.  They are also getting a lot of attention because so many people are concerned about their retirement funds (or the lack thereof) and the fact that their money is tied to the stock and bond markets.  I’ve seen many calls for more indexed funds and ETFs in 401(k) plans (lower fees, index-like returns, etc.).  As if the lack of these investments is the problem.

A little education can go a long way

It should be no surprise to you if you’re following this blog that I’m not a fan of 401(k) plans.  Most of my clients have them, though.  They need help identifying the best funds, and they need a way to manage those funds.  As you also have probably gathered, I’m a big fan of not losing money and taking advantage of opportunities to make money. 

Time for shameless self-promotion.  If you want to know if you’re in the best performing funds in your 401(k), and if you want to have some guidance as to when you should be taking advantage of the best times to make money in the markets, you ought to check out this tool: Please fill out the sign-in form and watch the video.  I don’t spam.  I don’t sell my database to anyone at any time for any price for any reason.  You may have limited options with your 401(k).  The least you can do is make the most of them.

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