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Okay, a little clarification on my ban of New Year’s Resolutions.  In blogs past, I’ve said “Don’t make New Year’s resolutions.”  People make these resolutions, fail to achieve them beyond a couple of weeks, and then self-help gurus make all kinds of money telling you why it didn’t work.   The gyms around the country make all kinds of money.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have dreams and goals.  What I’m saying is that the chances that you’ll success in achieving those dreams and goals will increase if you don’t take action in January.  Set whatever wishes, goals, and dreams you want for 2011.  Write them down. Put them in a box somewhere where you’ll see it no sooner than February 2nd.  Then, go back to your long winter’s nap.  In February or March, open these notes up, and start sowing the seeds that will make those dreams come true this year.  In the Northern Hemisphere, in this time of the year, it is hard to grow anything.  It’s dark. It’s cold.  We just crossed over the longest night of the year (winter solstice, December 21st).

All things grow better in light and warmth.  Your resolutions do, too.  And it takes the pressure off during a season when you don’t need more.  Enjoy the nap.

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