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‘Tis the Season of Gratitude

Nov 29 2010

I’m grateful that we have a season to remember to be grateful because otherwise I’m guilty of forgetting to be grateful.  Life…

Fixed Rate Loans Are Risky, Too, Part Two

Nov 01 2010

Here’s Part Two of this conversation:  Fixed rate loans are really expensive.  I can’t seem to let this one go.  Told you…

Pursue Debt Negotiation Opportunties

Jul 12 2010

Add this to your list of why cash is king.  Sometimes I can’t even believe the stories that I hear:  $300K second…

Put Financial Well-being First

Jul 05 2010

The first signs of economic recovery are starting to show—companies are turning a profit, the stress of cash-flow management is easing, business…

Welcome to the Lanning Blog!

Nov 16 2009

Welcome to the new Lanning Financial blog. My intention is to wax intelligently on financial matters, including mortgages and financial strategies. Topical,…

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