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Taking a break from the seriousness of money, I have to tell you I have some of the coolest clients. Dana Nelson owns Green Twig Salon over in Noe Valley and was recently interviewed on NPR and by Reuters about her hair donations to Matter of Trust.  Matter of Trust is a San Francisco-based organization that takes hair from salons and uses them to make booms that are used to soak up oil spills like the one in the Gulf of Mexico.  I got a haircut Tuesday.  Yesterday my hair was sent off to soak up oil.  Amazing.

To see more about Dana, go to:!/pages/San-Francisco-CA/Green-Twig-Salon/228983811260?ref=search&sid=100000009061907.2282799054..1

And, by the way, she does a great job with hair.  If you are a client reading this, are doing something cool and out of the ordinary, and are willing to be spotlighted in my blog, send me an email.

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