What about the market(s)?

Jessica Lanning

For the last several weeks, the “markets” have taught us that the turmoil and volatility is not passed us yet (if it ever will be).  But you will unlikely ever see me write about the markets in this blog.  How come?

Take a long-term look if you must make short-term gasps

First of all, my clients are not driven by the day-to-day, what’s-going-on-in-with-the-market-now investors.  They’re not stock price chasers.  They’re not betting on the next big thing.  Or, if they are, they are doing it on their own in the context of the larger plan that we’ve built for them.  So, it’s not necessary for me to blog or twitter or comment on what’s going on in the market(s).

Second of all, information is widely available from many various contradictory sources of varying reliability.  Remember, predictions and explanations are often the result of crystal ball work, and your crystal ball is as good as anyone else’s.  I don’t need to add to the insanity.  That brings me to my last point….

The markets are going to do what the markets are going to do.  The only thing you can control is your relationship to it—whether to participate in it, how much and with what philosophical bent.  If you feel good about your overall plan and your relationship to the markets, then anytime you see “bad” news, you can say to yourself, “My plan anticipates this market volatility happening, and I know that I’ve set up my investing to accommodate that volatility with the level of risk I’m willing to take.  Nothing to worry about.”  Then go spend time with your family or doing things that bring you happiness.

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