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October 2021

What’s the biggest mistake investors make? Not doing something significant with their money. They build their careers, they make money, and they save early and often and diligently. When they want to stop working for money, they have a nice chunk of change available to spend. Too often, they freeze at this moment, start worrying about every dime they spend, and are terrified they will run out of money.

But most of the time, they won’t. People who were responsible with their money during their working years tend to stay responsible with their money. My very favorite thing is watching them do something significant with it. That doesn’t mean they have to give it to charity or fund a building at their alma mater or even spend lots of money. Most of these things are simple and have heart and meaning for the client. Here are my latest favorites:

• Clients moved overseas to their vacation home and enjoy incredible food, vistas, and walks together in the neighborhood.
• Clients moved closer to kids and grandkids to be active in their lives in a way that their parents couldn’t.
• Clients did an international house-swap for three months where they’ve always wanted to live with the idea that they’ll make it an annual trip.
• Client landscaped his backyard mostly by himself and with the help of friends. He’s created a space he can enjoy and host his friends.
• Clients added several weeks to their trip to see aging parents so their kids would know their grandparents.

Sure, there were charitable donations and gifts of money to needy family members and friends, but again, it was about what had heart and meaning for those clients. If you need a gentle nudge to find what has heart and meaning to you or need help spending your hard-earned and hard-saved money, please reach out.

If you need new thoughts or some ideas of how best to use your hard earned money and how it plays out in your financial planning, please reach out.

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