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How To Pay Off a Mortgage with a Mortgage

Aug 02 2010

Yes, you read the title right.  Here’s what you’re going to start hearing more about:  A mortgage called the Homeownership Accelerator.  Its…

More Thoughts on Keeping a Budget

Jul 26 2010

People often resist a budget because they think it is too hard to follow, too hard to maintain the commitment, feels restraining,…

Everyone Benefits from a Budget

Jul 19 2010

My friend and colleague, Kathryn Amenta, is a financial advisor offering her Budgeting Basics class for nearly half the price through the…

Pursue Debt Negotiation Opportunties

Jul 12 2010

Add this to your list of why cash is king.  Sometimes I can’t even believe the stories that I hear:  $300K second…

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