The State of the Mortgage Market

Jessica Lanning

We’ve had a very successful year doing mortgages.  We’re lucky to have a high-quality client base, great clients who refer us business, and respectable business practices.

Mortgage Rates and Products

My prediction is that rates will remain relatively low for 2010 and probably 2011. There will the usual ups-and-downs of mortgage rates, but historically speaking, rates will remain low.  A few pieces of advice:

  1. If you can’t refinance your adjustable rate mortgage and its getting ready to reset, don’t panic.  Your rate may be adjusting lower or very close to what you have now.  You might want to keep that loan for a while.
  2. If you have an equity line of credit that allows you to do a “fixed rate partition”—that is, fix the interest rate on all or a portion of the loan—consider doing this when you see the prime rate bump up a quarter to a half percent. Call your lender.
  3. If you want the 30-year fixed-rate loan and haven’t gotten it, get it now. Give us a call.
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